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Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry

Hey Guys. We have several events planned over the next few months. Take a minute and look them over. Then make plans to have a wonderful time doing what you love with other men who share the same passions and interests. Be looking for further details in the upcoming weeks.
Bro. Mark

Our men’s ministry is a multifaceted ministry. We desire to offer opportunities for men from all different walks of life, with different skill sets and with different interests to be involved. We believe we can share the love of Christ as we do ministry in our community. Whether it is building a wheelchair ramp, cleaning out someone’s gutters, or through one of the wild game dinners, skeet shoots or fishing trips, it is our goal to keep Christ at the center of all we do. The purpose is to introduce people to Christ and see them developed into mature believers who then become disciple makers. We invite you to come and join with us. Please refer to the calendar page for upcoming men’s activities.  

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