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Music Ministry

God has blessed Malesus Baptist Church with musicians who desire to use talents to serve and worship Him. Out of that desire comes our mission: to worship God, minister to our congregation, and reach out, with the gospel, to our community. Our music is selected and prepared with a blended service in mind. I believe both traditional hymns and praise & worship choruses are equally important to our worship services for our congregation to partake in the worship of our Lord. It is my desire to create a blended service so that whatever style an individual prefers will be present in our services. Regardless of the style of music, its my prayer that we focus on offering God a true heart of worship. We always welcome anyone interested in any area of our music ministry.

Adult Choir

Our choir is full of individuals who bring their talents together for one purpose: worshiping the one, true God. Knowing that each choir member has a different level of musical experience, I make it a point to not only teach the music we sing in our services, but also to provide musical knowledge that will enhance our rehearsal time, worship services, and any future musical aspirations that a choir member has. Therefore, if you are interested in joining our choir, but believe you lack the experience and knowledge, please rest assured that you can and will gain the tools you need along the way. We are excited about the growth God is blessing us with and want to invite you to join us; all you need is a heart that desires to praise God!


Weekly Rehearsals: Sunday, 3:45pm and Wednesday, 7:30pm

The number one reason for two weekly rehearsals is to offer greater attendance flexibility for choir members. I realize that everyone's schedule is busy, and many church members would be excluded if I only offered one rehearsal time. There is not a requirement on rehearsal attendance. Many attend both weekly rehearsals; some only attend one. Everyone benefits from consistent rehearsing and I therefore ask that our choir members attend as regularly as they find possible.

Special Music

We are blessed with many special music participants. Due to the quantity of these musicians, I am able to create a schedule that ranges from 3-4 months in length. If you are interested in being added to this list, please come and visit with me!

Children’s Choir

Our children’s music ministry programs are a great opportunity for children to get involved in worship and music education. Children are the future musicians of our church and we want to provide a time for them to learn about worshiping God with their musical talents. We offer a variety of activities: children’s choir, drama (musicals and puppets), music theory, and instruments. It's our hope that we can foster a basic musical training while providing an opportunity for our students to use their talents for Christ.

Handbell Choir

Handbell Choir is a fun opportunity to make a joyful noise outside of singing. We have many choir and non-choir members in the Handbell Choir. One needs very little musical knowledge to participate in this choir, and that knowledge can be attained during our rehearsals. I strive to keep our music literature fun and diverse, but also meaningful. We prepare for 1 or 2 special occasions a year and rehearse only during the weeks that lead up to these events. The door is open for new members!

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